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BOT’s main expertise includes retail stores development: 

  • Develop and maintain a retail strategy that positions all our Brands as leader in the markets to support the business and brand objectives

  • Define the physical retail experience and optimal store model

  • Implement a retail expansion strategy and execution plan including site selection, store design and timelines

  • Define and establish methods, processes and tools for proper alignment of physical retail to the rest of the organization

  • Create performance dashboards including sales and engagement tracking

  • Manage calendar of events and ensure proper alignment of retail schedule with marketing, editorial and communications teams

  • Lead and mentor the retail teams to deliver a best in class service and performance

  • Establish training and development programs for the retail team to ensure consistent service levels

  • Stay abreast of developments in retail, customer experience and technology



Assess the market and the opportunity in order to identify the competitive landscape and define the positioning of the project.


Advise on overall concept and space allocation strategy.

Prioritize brand outreach in order to maximize interest and optimize successful results.


Present the overall retail concept to top brand executives, highlighting the project’s unique qualities in its market.

Work with the project’s internal team on securing tenants.

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